Todoroki x reader quirk marriage lemon

Todoroki Shoto x Reader: 流 Alpha Todoroki Shoto x Omega Reader Never Let Go; Summary: The reader is in a bad car accident and falls into an Omega depression. Alpha Todoroki Shoto x Omega Reader Surprise Birthday Boy; Summary: It is Shoto's birthday and things to quiet go as planned. Kirishima Eijiro x Reader: 麗

Tags Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fantasy Anime Lemon X Reader Slow Burn Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia Bnha Todoroki Shouto X Reader Dabi X Reader Villain X Reader ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ WARNING This is my first fanfiction and before anyone (else) complains about this being clickbaity because it isn't a reader insert. ... his quirk would be different ...
anonymous asked:. welcome to tumblr 💛 i hope you get so many followers that will love your content! but can i get a oneshot of todoroki x reader where the reader has ptsd and rlly bad nightmares of her father from abusing her in her past 🥺 sorry ik it's vague and very sad,,, you can ignore this request if you'd like to! thank you and have a good day 💗 Husband!Todoroki x Wife!Reader. Your quirk is Alchemy. (I basically got this idea from Fullmetal Alchemist. It's basically like Edwards, you clap your hands together and put your hands on anything you want to control, including the ground.) This is a lemon! If you don't feel comfortable, then don't read it. Anyway, enjoy the one shot! *Edited* ***

Aug 14, 2017 · It all began as a plan to arrange a marriage between both you and Todoroki. Surprise, surprise, it didn't work out in the slightest. This fic is for the second place winner of my contest, Neostium.

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Todoroki x reader quirk marriage lemon

Anime Yaoi Fanart - Lưu Trữ - Boku no Hero Academy: Todoroki x Boku No Hero Academia - Feliz Cumpleaños - Wattpad Read chap 78 from the story [BNHA] [MHA] (Todoroki x Midoriya x Bakugou) Quyển 1 by chotaxoacumi (cutataxoacumimixoa) with reads.

I want to cry the last episode of Darling in the FRANXX was so satisfying yet at the same time heartbreaking. I literally cried when Hiro and Zero Two died in space, and Mitskoko's baby was born
Imagine the Hot n Cold baby PAYPAL - BUY ME A KO-FI :D - Hello there my angel, welcome to hell. nah, just a Todoroki from bnha imagine blog. Why just him? Why not?? You can request absolutely aaaanything about him, I'm up for anything, so don't be ashamed of your kinks(? have fun! His quirk has [REDACTED] activation, and when re wakes up after [REDACTED], his quirk remolds itself to relate to how [REDACTED]. He keeps each quirk as he [Redacted]. The more [REDACTED], the more powerful he is. The more [REDACTED] the [REDACTED], the more emotionless he becomes. Quirk exhaustion comes in the form of emotion loss.

Reader Has a Quirk (My Hero Academia) class B are a family; Itsuka Ibara and Kinoko are great friends ... (Todoroki Shōto x Reader) UPDATES EVERY OTHER DAY (the 24th, 26th and so on) Language: English ... But I tend to use a key for my chapters that go like this: (F) - Fluff (A) - Angst (L) - Lemon/smut (Au) - Alternate Universes. If it's a ...

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