Slices in hevc

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Finally, the ROI multi-resolution compressed slices are obtained by compressing the ROI preprocessed videos with 3D-HEVC. The temporal and special details of non-ROI are reduced in the low-resolution videos, so the ROI will be better preserved by the encoder automatically. slice structure dependency on tiled encoding was performed for further bandwidth efficiency. In this, how slice structure influences on compressed file size and average data rate that need to be transmitted for requested ROI was presented. These two methods were evaluated in terms of
Deblocking Filter, Sample Adaptive Offset (SAO) and Adaptive Loop Filter (ALF) for in-loop filtering are currently introduced for the HEVC standard. However, these filters are implemented in spatial domain despite the fact of temporal correlation within video sequences.

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Slices in hevc

The following FFmpeg global options affect the configurations of the libopenh264 encoder. b. Set the bitrate (as a number of bits per second). g. Set the GOP size. maxrate. Set the max bitrate (as a number of bits per second). flags +global_header. Set global header in the bitstream. slices. Set the number of slices, used in parallelized encoding.

Dec 19, 2014 · HEVC’s New High-level Syntax Feature for Low-Latency Applications. H.264 allows a picture to be divided into multiple regions consecutively in the raster scan order. Such a region is called slice and slice is self-decodeable (doesn’t reference macroblocks in other slices of the picture). HEVC comprises a large number of different picture types. The picture types are indicated in the NAL unit headers of the NAL units carrying the slices of the pictures. Thereby, essential properties of the NAL unit payload is available at a very high level for use by applications.
HEVC Compliant Software Decoder for ARM-Based Media Players HEVC DECODER Key Features • Fully Compliant to Standard • Up to Level 5.0 Main Profile • Slice Types – I, P and B • Tiles, Slices and Dependent Slices • Coding Units 64x64, 32x32,16x16 and 8x8 • Prediction Units Including Asymmetric Partitions Internet-Draft RTP Payload Format for HEVC February 2012 For parallelization, four picture partition strategies are available. Regular slices are segments of the bitstream that can be reconstructed independently from other regular slices within the same picture (though there may still be interdependencies through loop filtering operations).

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Together with Ericsson, BT Media and Broadcast (BT M&B) is showing how UHDTV content can be broadcast through one single slice, without any signal stitching. Ericsson's new encoding/decoding technology supports HEVC and removes the need for complex AVC quadrant based UHDTV contribution.

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