Community service instead of jail

The Community Service Program receives referrals from the Circuit and Municipal Courts throughout Clackamas County. We also provide supervised work sites for treatment-based courts such as Drug Court and Mental Health Court, as well as for Overland Park Community Court.

Ireland: prisoner numbers down as more get community service instead of jail, Le site d'information sur les prisons dans le monde Court ordered community service often accompanies some other form of alternative sentence such as suspended sentences, probation, fines, deferred adjudication or pretrial diversion. Non-violent offenders and people with little or no criminal history are typically selected as candidates for court ordered community service.
On the other hand, a number of male inmates with severe mental illness were arrested when it appeared that their offending conduct was due primarily to their illness. We learned the circumstances of the current offense when we reviewed the jail records, and it appeared that these persons should have been hospitalized instead of being taken to jail.

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Studies have shown that people who are represented by a defense lawyer throughout the criminal court process are more likely to serve probation instead of jail time. Is Probation the Same As a Suspended Sentence? No, although probation typically occurs when you receive a suspended sentence after a plea bargain or guilty verdict at trial.

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Community service instead of jail

Hi I am not happy the sentence which the offender got community service instead of jail sentence on breaching court orders, even though he has criminal records and has previously done 2 community service already. Would I able to appeal to this for the offender to get a jail sentence?
A NEW CRIMINAL JUSTICE Bill published today is aiming to “encourage the greater use of community service orders” instead of jail terms. Justice and Law Reform Minister Alan Shatter said the... It’s part of a new program called Wise Works, in which some people convicted of nonviolent felonies, usually for drug crimes, are sentenced to community service instead of jail.

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Feb 01, 2000 · Morris and Tonry propose instead a comprehensive program that relies on a range of punishment including fines and other financial sanctions, community service, house arrest, intensive probation ...

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